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Tudor Row Houses – Recovery (Part 7)

After the disaster I created in the previous installment of this project, it was time to pick up the pieces and try to recover.  This, of course, meant trying to […]

Tudor Row Houses – Disaster (Part 6)

An 11th Hour Calamity This should be a post about the successful completion of this project.  It should be accompanied by another post showing the final pictures of a beautiful […]

Tudor Row Houses – Part 5

Part 5 (finally) brings us to some of the detail work on this project. 1. First up, the lead flashing around the chimneys and roof lines.  In order to create […]

Back in Business

As promised, March 1 is here and I am done with school. It has been an incredible journey, and there is no doubt that I am a better teacher for […]

Ancient Monastery – Part 1

This is a project that I began back in 2009. It is unfinished and still sits in my basement. I hope to someday return to it and see it through […]

Standing Stones

In Rackham’s Confrontation there is a scenario where one team must destroy the religious idols of the other.  These are the objective markers that I made to be destroyed.  Of […]

Making Convincing Ivy

This method of making wall climbing ivy is not for everyone, but for those who are willing to put in the time and effort, the payoff is worth it. 1. […]

Tudor Row Houses – Part 4

Part 4 brings us the roof sections.  Using my standard method, I began by creating a cardboard base, then I cut a ton of shingle strips and began affixing them […]

Cool Mini or Not?

I’ve started adding compilations of my work to the voting site for miniatures: Cool Mini or Not.  I need 50 votes on each of these to be a ranked artist […]