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Crab Apples & Ivy

Spring has come once again to the old abandoned temple.  Left ages ago, the hill it rests up is slowly eroding. Ivy covers the walls, and two crab apple trees grow where once there were worshipers.

The main vegetation elements for this piece are: ivy; crab apple trees in blossom; spring grass.

Ivy: The ivy is made from birch tree spacer. The spacer are separated from the seeds, then painted green. To create the vines, I used dried roots from my garden. Then each spacer is individually placed onto the wall to create the foliage. I worked hard to make sure that the leaves both overlapped, and faced in the same direction. No painting was necessary after the original dye job at the beginning.

Crab Apples: The trees are made from a wire armature, covered in sculpey. Crab apple trees have smooth bark, so I was careful not to make the bark lines too pronounced. The blossoms are Woodland Scenic’s Fine-Leaf Foliage, sprayed with glue then covered with pink flocking.

Spring Long Grass: Made from white fake fur. They were died green, with brown highlights. They are glued in strategic places, and blended in with a variety of static grass colors.

Other vegetation elements are: Green flock with lime green highlights for moss; and clump foliage for bushes.

Piece measures 18 cm x 45 cm. Figures are 28mm.


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