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Terrain Building and Beginnings

I’ve been building terrain since 2006. I started playing Rackham’s Confrontation and painting their amazing miniatures. The better I got at painting, the more I wanted to build scenery to go with them.  so I began building terrain boards and scenery..

As my skills grew, I looked for more ideas and help.  I came across TerraGenesis in early 2008 and joined to ask a simple question about building thatched roofs. I lurked for a long time until I was tempted to enter one of their competitions.  I was fortunate enough to win, and from then on was an active member of the community.

What’s in a Name?

When I was about 14, I was playing the classic Nintendo game “The Secret of Mana.”  I needed a name for a new character and was drawing a blank.  I turned to my younger brother, who was quite silly at that age (and still is come to think of it), and asked him what I should name the character.  He stared thoughtfully off into space for a few minutes, then replied, “How about Zaboobadidoo?”

Having asked my silly brother for something, I got exactly what I asked for, a perfectly silly name.  The name stuck with me though, being just silly enough, and just catchy enough to remember [Zah-boo-bah-dee-doo flows so nicely off the tongue].

Flash forward 15 years and my wife and I are pregnant with our first child.  Needing a name to call the baby in the womb so as not to give away his actual name before he was born, somehow that story and name came to the forefront.  thus was… well… (not yet/re-) born the name Zaboobadidoo. It suited us well and our son was called that during the entire pregnancy.

Flash forward again two years, and I was joining the TerraGenesis Forum and needed a screen name.  Not coming up with anything and not thinking I would be doing much on the site anyways, I turned to my wife and asked what I should name myself. She stared thoughtfully off into space for a few minutes, then replied, “How about Zaboobadidoo Sr.?”


So now I am known as that in model making circles. Most people shorten it to Zab, or Zaboo, and I’ve now dropped the “Sr.” as it is a nicer title, and makes for an easier url. But that name has been with me for a long time, and now it looks to be with me for a long time in the future as well.


Interested in commissions, advice, speaking engagements, or anything else? Here are some great ways to get hold of me:





  • 1st place Six times in Nine attempts in TerraGenesis terrain building competitions
  • 2nd place two times
  • 3rd place once

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