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Cool Mini or Not?

I’ve started adding compilations of my work to the voting site for miniatures: Cool Mini or Not.  I need 50 votes on each of these to be a ranked artist […]

Tudor Row Houses – Part 3

The next steps of this project were to finish the main row of houses, and paint up all of the finished buildings. I began by testing out the paint scheme […]

Making Grass

Well laid grass enhances the other detail in a project and like moss, can add a great deal of lushness to a project.  A lot of times grass can end […]

The Old Stable

Once a proud part of an estate, now it is an old stable, run down, collapsing, crumbling, yet somehow still serviceable. A formerly wealthy plot of land has fallen into […]

Old Stable – Part 3

This week has seen the rush to finish the project in time.  The final stages always go quick, so here is what happened. First I glued in all the walls […]

Old Stable – Part 2

Moving forward as quickly as I can, I’ve got much of the pieces ready to go.  Most of the walls are constructed (and deconstructed), as is the tree trunk.  I’ve […]

Old Stable – Part 1

This is a revival of an old project.  Originally it was an to be part of the base of the Wizard’s Tower, but it never quite fit the feel I […]

Warmachine Cryx magic pool

An interesting opportunity has arisen and it is just too good to pass up.  The long and the short of it is that I am now building a piece of […]

Tudor Row Houses – Part 2

Once the base and main street were complete (see part 1), it was time to move on to the first story of the buildings. I began by outlining the overall […]