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Barbarian Basic Terrain Set

A primitive set of basic terrain, perfect for a game of Confrontation 3.5.

This set of terrain is built to have three different types of terrain that fit different basic criteria on a battlefield: Elevation, block line of sight, provide cover, and be impassible. They were also constructed using many of my most basic techniques.

1. Elevation/Line of Sight/Cover: Barrow Hill (45cm x 25cm)

Made from extruded polystyrene (pink foam), this piece was simple to construct. It was carved with a knife, glued to a base, then spackled and sanded to give it shape. Then it was painted and flocked with a variety of colors and textures. Stones were shaped with a knife, then textured with a small piece of concrete.

2. Impassible: Pond (26cm x 14 cm)

Base is MDF, stones are Super Sculpey. Tree is a wire armature, covered in Scupley and textured with a carving tool. Reeds are WS long grass, lilypads are made of painted paper, cut out with a hole punch. Water surface is two coats of WS Realistic Water.

3. Cover/Line of Sight: Stone House (30cm x 15 cm)

Base is MDF, stones are Scuply made individually, and squished together before baking. Roof is foamcore covered with a black hand towel. The towel is covered in white glue, then drybrushed different shades of light brown/off white.

I attempted to keep the pieces as simple as possible, while still having them fit into my current boards.

Figures are 28mm, Normal Size. Figure in last picture is of Large Size, on a creature base.


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