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Mountain Signal Tower


A remote signal tower high in the mountains. Follow the trail across bridges and through the mountain itself to reach the pinnacle and await the right moment to shine.

For this piece I wanted to really capture the feel of a granite mountainside and cliffs. The signal tower, house, and bridge were heavily inspired by LOTR.

This mountainside was made of 2 inch thick pieces of extruded polystyrene foam. The pieces are stacked on top of each other to create the mountainside. The promontory was created separately from the main mountainside. The piece is eight layers high (16 inches) at its high point.

Carving the piece was done with a knife. I cut it in mainly vertical cuts, with some angles and other shapes thrown in. The idea was to keep the basic outline as rock like as possible. Once the piece was roughed out, I used a small piece of concrete to form the crags, and give the rock a stone-like feel to it. The concrete was pushed into the foam repeatedly, at different angles to highlight details, and smooth or sharpen edges.

The bridges and platform are of layers of 1/2 inch foam, and the house is foamcore with a cardboard roof. The entrance to the cliff is layers of foamcore. The signal pyre is made of sticks glued together with WS grass in between the layers. The doors are made of foamcore with cardboard for the detail work.

The paint is a black wash, followed by a coat of burnt umber, and drybrushes of medium grey, light grey, and white. The human pieces were drybrushed antique white.

The piece is 16 inches tall, 12 inches wide, and 22 inches long. The figures are 28mm.


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