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Old Stable – Part 3

This week has seen the rush to finish the project in time.  The final stages always go quick, so here is what happened.

IMG_5723First I glued in all the walls with my hot glue gun.  After that, I added a layer of DAS air drying clay to the base of each of the walls to cover the seam and and a little realism to how the ground met the walls.  I also added a layer of DAS to the courtyard and the area between the gates as well as some other open spots to give the ground a little more variation.  The DAS also allowed me to make some wagon tracks in the courtyard and the are between the gate by running the back of a paintbrush up and down the wet clay.

Once the clay was dry it was time to add the ground clutter.  I used a mix of different sizes of ballast with a few coffee grounds mixed in.


After the glue dried it was time to paint the walls and base.  I also attached the painted tree and painted the roof shingles.


Then it was time to add layers of flock, and some bits of flowers.


Finally a layer of mixed longer static grass, and foliage for the trees.

Old Barnyard


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