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Old Stable – Part 1

IMG_2166This is a revival of an old project.  Originally it was an to be part of the base of the Wizard’s Tower, but it never quite fit the feel I was going for so it was left off of the final piece.  It is however a nice piece on its own, and so is being given new life.  Again, this piece is on a short timeline, so hopefully I can take it from here to finished in the next week and a half.

I began by shaping out the walls and carving in the bricks.  This will be an open piece, so unlike other things that I have built, I’ll need to worry about the insides of the building, and even the underside of the roof. IMG_2169 That means instead of just using cardboard as a base for the roof, I needed to actually construct the rafters.  For that I used balsa sticks, and glued them together.

Then I cut strips from a piece of balsa and glued them across the rafters to make purlins.  IMG_2177




After making the structure of the roof it was time to cut and attach shingles.

The backside of the stable will have a collapsed wall, which gives me the opportunity to build a collapsed hole in the roof as well.  So on the back I made room for the hole and added the rafters and purlins accordingly. IMG_2198 A hole does not just appear in a roof, the area surrounding the hole also suffers, so it was important to make sure that the roof looks like it was collapsing as well.  IMG_2200










Then came the fun part of adding the shingles.  For this part I still used the strips of shingles until I got close to the hole.  Then I started to use individual shingles cut too look like they had been broken by the damage.  It was fun to play around with them to get them to look just right. In the end I think it look just right, and it is still surprisingly strong.

This is where things were more or less left when the project was set aside.  I also have assortment of walls that can be added in as well as most of an oak tree (still needs a bit more bark).

Next up: Assembly and an iron gate.



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