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The River

Ages ago, an ancient civilization built a stone road along the banks of a placid river. Now, as the years have gone by, that river has eaten at its banks and slowly its course has changed. New channels have opened, and old crossings were washed away.

The base of the project is a 2′ x 2′ MDF board, lined with 5/8″ boards for an edge. Inside this frame is 1/2″ pink polystyrene foam insulation. The main and side channels of the river were cut out of the foam, then sanded back. Then a coat of spackle was applied, smoothed, and channeled to create the sandbanks and ford areas. The roadbed was carved straight into the foam and was weathered by a pencil. The large rock formation jutting into the river is a large chunk of pine bark hot glued to the base.

Multiple levels of base coat mixed with coffee were applied, then a selection of acrylics to create the earth tones in the river. Flock was then applied to the project in various coats and with many different colors to give accent.

The cattails were made from wire and super sculpey. Painted green on the stalks and red/brown on the “tail,” they were hot glued to the MDF along with 3 types of WS long grass mixed together to give it depth.

The river bed was painted a variety of earth tones, with lighter tones for
shallow areas and darker colors to simulate depth. The water surface is Woodland Scenics Realistic Water. It was poured in one thick coat in places, and 2 in others (looks better). The trees are Woodland Scenics.


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