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Standing Stones

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In Rackham’s Confrontation there is a scenario where one team must destroy the religious idols of the other.  These are the objective markers that I made to be destroyed.  Of course, they would also work pretty well in a game of Warhammer Fantasy Battle too…

For this project I wanted to continue to refine my stonework, Really, however, I wanted to make a realistic looking lichen.  While the technique is a bit slow and time consuming (What that I don’t isn’t though, right?), I am very happy with the end result.  I feel that the look is very convincing  Now I will need to continue to experiment with lots of different colored lichens.


2 thoughts on “Standing Stones

  1. Von Kurst says:

    Love the lichen on the rocks.  Great Detail.

    • admin says:

      Thanks!  It was a multi-step process with about three/four different layers of paint, baking flour, and salt.  I’m pleased with the results, though it is tough to do on larger scales.  Luckily these were small!


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