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The Badger’s Den

Renown throughout Aarklash, “The Badger’s Den” is a frequented stop on the road to Cadwallon. Nestled in the roots and trunk of a giant Quithayran tree, the inn is a frequented stop for Free Companies as they travel to and from Cadwallon.

The inn is made of foamcore as a superstructure, with balsa strips for the timbers, and sculptamold for the daub. The shingles are made of cereal card. The windows were constructed by photocopying a grid onto transparency, then cutting it to shape, and gluing balsa around the edges for the frame.

The tree started as a Quaker Oats tube. It was covered with wadded newspaper to make the overall shape. Then a layer of plaster cloth was applied for rigidity, followed by two thin coats of joint compound. As the last coat of joint compound was drying (after about 3-4 hours), the bark lines were scored into the surface with a pointed stick.

Once the buildings were finished, they were attached to the base and tree. Then a layer of air drying clay was applied around the seams so that it looked like the tree was growing around the building. The tree was then painted with successive coats of brown to light brown.

The woodpile is made of sticks from my yard, and the axe is a carved from balsa with a milliput head. The grass is a mix of Silflour colors and lengths.

The fledgling Free Company in the last picture is the Sister’s of Light.

The tree is 45 cm high, the base measures 62 cm x 54 cm. The figures are 28mm scale.

This piece took 1st place in the Transportation Competition on TerraGenesis.


One thought on “The Badger’s Den

  1. Don Hoffmann says:

    I just want to say as a fellow modeler, that this is outstanding work. Thank you for sharing how you made what you did. I would have never figured it out otherwise.


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