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The Old Windmill

An old windmill sits forsaken, given up, and wasting away. Once an important tool in the lives of the surrounding countryside, now it crumbles and is left forgotten and alone.

The mill is made of a polystyrene core of concentric circles stacked to give it body. The body was then wrapped in two layers of stripped foamcore. The foamcore was textured with a pen to make the bricks, which were then carved out in places to give the illusion of crumbling masonry. The stone was then drybrushed and washed various colors. Finally, a layer of wet spakle was rubbed on as mortar. The excess spakle was rubbed away from the bricks, leaving itself behind in between the stones.

The wood walkway was made of balsa. I carefully textured each beam and floorboard to give the illusion of rot. It was then painted various layers of gray, and a final coat of white in places to give the impression that it was once painted white.

The roof is made of a balsa frame, covered in cereal card for the slate shingles. I tried to leave gaps in the roof to show that it has collapsed along with the walls.

The blades are made of balsa and the axle is a stick from my front yard. You can’t see it in most pictures, but the gear mechanism is there inside. It can be seen if you get your nose right up to the roof.

The windows and doors are balsa; and the debris around the bottom is cork, and balsa.

The base is MDF and is 20 cm in diameter. The tower is 35 cm to the peak in the roof. The figures are 28mm.


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