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Wizard’s Tower

Follow the trail to an ancient withered tower, crumbling from age as it stands on an outcrop of rock. Abandoned? Hardly, for behind its crumbling façade, lives a wizard of immense power.

The tower was initially begun for the “Reach for The Sky” competition. Put aside shortly into the competition, it was picked up a year later and most of the tower structure was constructed. Abandoned again for two more years, it was finally brought out to be finished here.

The tower is concentric circles of polystyrene stacked on top of each other, and wrapped in foamcore for the outer skin. The staircase is foamcore glued to a wooden dowel with a dual layer of foamcore for the skin. The roof is made of a cereal box.

The rocks are polystyrene cut with a knife and textured with a piece of concrete. They are painted various hues of grey. The lichen was stippled on with a sponge, and the moss is two colors of WS flock.

The magic circle is Plaster of Paris poured into a takeout container, then removed from the container and carved to make the pattern. The tree is a wire frame wrapped in Super Sculpey and baked. Then a layer of DAS was applied and textured as skin. Foliage is WS Fine Leaf Foliage.
Grass was made by using a layer of WS flock, then recovered with a mixture of various hues and lengths of static flock, ranging from harvest gold on one end, to deep green on the other. The flowers and clumps of grass are by Army Painter.

The base is an oblong 35cm X 45cm, and the tower is 70cm tall. Figure is 28mm.

This piece took 1st place in the Finishing Moves competition at TerraGenesis.


4 thoughts on “Wizard’s Tower

  1. mark says:

    great looking site!

  2. mark says:

    The colours in the rocks look magical and realistic.  I didn’t notice them in the TG pics;  now, I’m reassured that I voted well!

  3. vivi says:

    Theese models are amazing! you are amazing mr.b! / the best teacher ever

    • Zaboobadidoo says:

      Thanks, Vivi! Just think, out of everyone in the world, you get to look at this model everyday in class! No one else can say that!


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